Stadia Crowd Play feature presented

Stadia Crowd Play is now what?

Crowd Play, another great English word that joins Crowd Funding, Crowd Farming and Crowd Investing. Again, the "group / crowd" plays an important role. Crowd play is nothing more than the opportunity to play together in a kind of group.

But unlike in a MMORPG, this is usually played together in a kind of "round". For example, it could be a basketball game in which everyone plays a player. Of course you could also play an adventure game in which between two choices must be decided and the amount for Option A is.

Crowdplay von Stadia
Telltale Games has been offering crowd play for years

Is this new, this crowd play?

The idea is actually not new, actually Crowd Play has already been introduced as a feature in various other systems and games. A well-known developer studio is Telltale. There, between 6-12 players can connect via smartphone, Playstation or Xbox and develop solutions together.

Most of the games offering this feature often have a short explanation when they start the game. For example, the start screen of Batman looks like this.

Crowd Play Telltale Geräte
Coordinate and have fun thanks to Crowd Play

Users from all over the world could now, for example, hook up with a smartphone and decide with them.

Example for Adventure Games

Here is a scene from the Telltale game Batman: Arkham City. This game is an adventure game in which the story is based on your or your decision. We see in the screenshot that 8 people (main player + 7 viewer) participate in total in the session (top right).

The question was in the scene: Why are you doing the Batman ?!

Antwort A, B, C oder D?

There are now 3 possible answers from which the player and the viewer can choose. In addition, the voting result:

  • For the thrill. (0)
  • Gotham needs a hero. (4)
  • Nobody else will do it. (3)

Now you have to distinguish which game mode is active. There are 2 variants of how such decisions can be made.

But are fixed:

  • Variant player decision: The group votes, but in the end, the player decides whether he wants to keep to the vote.
  • Variant voting result: The highest voting result is automatically activated.

The final result is unknown to us, but it should now be clear how Crowd Play works at Adventure Games.

Example of sports games

In sports games, the feature can behave completely differently. For example, with NBA 2K, you sound like one of the other players and take on a line. So you become part of the basketball team by playing along. The same would of course work for other team sports. The market would definitely give some material to this feature.

Crowd Play NBA 2K Basketball
In NBA 2K you are allowed to play a field player


Not enough? Click here for the video demo of the Stadia function "Crowd Play"


Our opinion on the feature

The feature sounds cool on paper and can certainly be well marketed. For streamer, for example, the absolute dream. Make a game, invite or join people and gamble together. Admittedly, the idea is really "new" and good, but there are many questions that need to be answered. What do I do when players go to the "bag" again and again? Are there any overriding penalties or does every player have to block every slate separately? Until that's resolved, no major streamer will use the feature.

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